If you are to sign a contract or grant to work at the UB, you will be required several documents. We present some useful information about the processes you will have to follow to obtain these documentation.

IMPORTANT:The information given here is just illustrative. The documentation required and the processes to obtain might change at any moment, and it might be different depending on the kind of contract, nationality, or personal situation of the candidate. Please:

  • Contact the person in charge with your contract and ask him/her for an exact description of what you have to do.
  • Always check official information for last updates.

Last update: 25 July 2016

Offices in charge

Please ask to your contact researcher at ICCUB which unit is in charge with your contract, and contact them as soon as possible. If you are going to work at the ICCUB, you will probably sign your contract with one of this units:


We list here some documentation you will probably be required if you are coming to work at ICCUB, and illustrative description of the processes to get it. Please contact the person in charge with your contract for definite information, and check the official sites for policy changes.

Official Web Sites
Information Web Sites


Contact with our Secretariat 2 months before your TIE expires.