ICCUB Thesis

Multipartite entanglement and quantum algorithms

By Daniel Alsina Leal (Dept. Física Quàntica i Astrofísica)   

Monday 18 Sep 2017 , 16:00:00

Director: José Ignacio Latorre
Place: Sala de Graus Eduard Fontseré

Three main topics are covered in this thesis defence.
Absolutely maximally entangled states are presented, and some of their mathematical properties are analyzed: relationship between maximum distance separable codes and states with minimal support, and multiunitarity.
New Bell inequalities for qutrits are shown, together with their quantum and classical bounds and some hints of recurrent patterns, and a new method for finding Bell inequalities from expressions of maximally entangled states is discussed.
Finally, the IBM Quantum Computer is presented and it is used for computing quantum bounds of Bell inequalities and magnetisation of the Ising model, with an analysis of all the associated errors.