ICCUB Outreach Activity

Workshop at YOMO: Ultracold UB, Outreach on Quantum Mechanics and Ultracold Gases

By Arazo, M; B. Julià (in charge); Guilleumas, M.; Malo, L. (ICCUB-FQA)   

Thursday 1 Mar 2018 , 09:00:00

Place: La Farga de l'Hospitalet
Web: https://www.mwcyomo.com/


Participants will be able to learn about some of the most relevant phenomena of quantum mechanics, taking as an example the current research in physics laboratories of ultracold gases. Quantum technologies will be of great importance in the near future in both computing and cryptography techniques and information handling. This makes it essential that the whole population acquires a minimum familiarity with its most fascinating aspects. All the material of this workshop has been made in open code by university course students of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Barcelona.

The workshop consists of making simulations with computers of several experiments in which the quantum properties of matter are revealed. In particular, the simulation of the movement of a set of ultra-cold atoms trapped in a potential well (analogy with the movement of a pendulum), the simulation of the movement of a soliton in an atomic gas at temperature 0 K or the simulation of a quantum Newton pendulum. At the end of the simulation the participants will receive one of the simulations made by e-mail.

Age: Over 16

Arazo, M (master st.); B. Julià (in charge); Guilleumas, M.; Malo, L. (degree st.); Polls, A.

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