ICCUB Seminar

The promise of high angular resolution at GTC: science capabilities

By Almudena Prieto (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC))   

Thursday 15 Feb , 12:00:00

Place: DAM Seminar Room (724)
E-mail: secretariacientifica@icc.ub.edu

FRIDA is the forthcoming imager and integral-field spectrograph for GTC that will deliver the highest posible angular resolution accessible today, from ground and space, in the near-IR, i.e., 25 to 40 mas in the 1 -- 2.5 um range. These angular resolutions are a factor fifteen improvement with respect to those of current and /or planned instruments for GTC, almost factor two superior than that of JWST. In this presentation, I will develop on science paths for FRIDA that illustrate the potential and unique capabilities of FRIDA at GTC.