ICCUB Course

Credit: Felipe O. Alves

ICCUB School, Barcelona: Protoplanetary Disks in Young Stellar Objects

Monday 22-Friday 26 Oct 2018

Host Institution: ICCUB
Place: Physics Faculty, University of Barcelona
E-mail: iccubschool2018@icc.ub.edu
Web: http://icc.ub.edu/congress/ICCUBschool/

One of the hot topics of modern astrophysics is the formation and evolution of protoplanetary disks in young stellar objects. The aim of the school is to provide the tools to understand the physics involved in the star and protoplanetary disk formation process and to give an overview to the current observational results and models. Special attention will be given to a hands-on approach to observational techniques, observational ALMA proposal, and data reduction tools.