Outreach Activity

Workshop: Astronomical data analysis for creative applications

By Xavier Luri   

Friday 15 Jun 2018 , 00:00:00

Host Institution: Sónar Festival
Place: Sonar
Web: https://sonarplusd.com/en/programs/barcelona-2018/areas/workshops/astronomical-data-analysis-for-creative-applications

The astronomical community generates large amounts of data available to researchers and enthusiasts. This data consists of photographs from different regions and objects from the firmament, taken using a variety of sensors – thus, energy from celestial bodies is recorded in the visible spectrum, as well as in frequencies that our eyes cannot detect, like X-rays.

The potential of data analysis in coding creative projects (i.e. sonifications, visuals, etc) will be exhibited through direct collaboration with a researcher specialised in astronomical data analysis.

This workshop will be conducted by artist Román Torre and Astrophysics professor Xavier Luri (University of Barcelona).

The making of Sónar Calling GJ273b

ICCUB researchers in Sonar 2018