ICCUB Outreach Conference


By C. Biscari; S. Estradé, F. Figueras; E. Pascual, M.A. Serrano   

Monday 11 Feb , 17:00:00

Place: Aula Magna
E-mail: secretariacientifica@icc.ub.edu


Due to the International World day of of Women and Girls in Science, the ICCUB and the Physics Faculty Equality Comission will held the Round Table "Women in science".

To reach total equality, there are still challenges that the academic world has to battle. Come to the round table to be aware of what the Glass Ceiling or the Matilda Effect are, and join the debate on why they still concern women's perfomance in science, and how they could be faced.

Five woman researchers in five different Physics fields are the participants, whom will relate about their professional experience, with a gender perspective:

- Sonia Estrade, Moderator (Lecturer Electronic Engineering and Biomedicine UB)

- Caterina Biscari (ALBA Synchrotron Director)

- Esther Pascual (Vice-dean, Applied Physics UB)

- Cesca Figueras (Professor Astrophysics UB, President SEA (Spanish Society of Astronomy))

- Maria Àngels Serrano (Professor Condensed Matter Physics UB)

If you have specific questions you want to be discussed at the end of the round table, please write it down in this document.

The event will be performed in the following languages: Catalan, Spanish and English

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