FQA-Quantum Seminar

Microwave quantum photonics with superconducting circuits

By Simone Gasparinetti (Chalmers, Goteborg)   

Tuesday 19 Mar , 14:00:00

Place: Aula 507 (Pere Pascual)

In the last fifteen years, the rise of superconducting circuits in the context of quantum information processing has given birth to the field of microwave quantum photonics. This newborn field facilitates the study of light-matter interactions in extreme regimes and with an unprecedented degree of control and tunability. At the same time, it holds promise for quantum communication, enabling the coherent transfer of quantum information between nodes of a quantum network, and quantum simulation, thanks, for instance, to the possibility of synthesizing long-range interactions between ensembles of artificial atoms. In this talk, I will present some of our recent experiments dealing with propagating microwave fields in the quantum regime. They include the on-chip generation and routing of single and correlated microwave photons, the demonstration of deterministic remote entanglement based on a photon emission-and-reabsorption protocol, and the quantum-nondemolition, single-shot detection of the parity of an itinerant photonic wave-packet. I will conclude with an outlook on our current and future research plans.