ICCUB Seminar

Outflows from young stars

By Manuel Fernández López (Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomía, IAR)   

Thursday 16 May 2019 , 12:00:00

Place: Seminari DAM
E-mail: secretariacientifica@icc.ub.edu

Outflows are ubiquitous in star-forming regions. They are associated with accretion events and trace the rich chemistry produced by shocks and heating surrounding protostars. Protostellar outflows yield a turbulent feedback that can be of relevance in the Galactic energy budget. We carried out morphological studies toward outflows in low and high-mass star-forming regions. All of these works are part of an effort to derive information on the accretion, feedback, ejection mechanisms, and the dynamics of the launching protostars in nearby environments using detailed interferometric observations. We will make a brief review on the subject and show some of our most interesting and recent results.