ICCUB Conference

5th Workshop on LHCb upgrade II

Monday 30 Mar-Wednesday 1 Apr

Host Institution: University of Barcelona
Place: Faculty of Physics
E-mail: secretariacientifica@icc.ub.edu
Web: https://indico.icc.ub.edu/event/48/

The LHCb Collaboration prepared an Expression of Interest in 2017 and a Physics Case in 2018 for an LHCb Upgrade II, aiming at a full exploitation of the Flavour physics potential of the HL-LHC. This workshop will discuss and further develop this long-term programme, aimed at both LHCb Upgrade 1b (Run 4) and Upgrade II (Run 5 and 6).

The CERN LHCC and Research Board has recently recommended that the project proceeds to a framework Technical Design Report (TDR). The meeting will have a particular emphasis on the development of the detector design towards the TDR. The physics potential of the programme will also be discussed.

For more information visit 5th Workshop on LHCb Upgrade II