ICCUB Seminar

Corpuscular scaling relations in bootstrapped Newtonian gravity

By Michele Lenzi (Universita di Bologna)   

Thursday 23 Jan , 14:00:00

Place: DAM seminar room (724)
E-mail: vicente.atal@icc.ub.edu

The corpuscolar model describes black holes (BHs) as condensates of a large number of gravitons at the critical point. Therefore, self-gravitating systems are depicted as purely quantum states with no central singularity, marking a clear departure from the usual semi-classical picture of quantum field theory on curved (classical) backgrounds. The bootstrap framework provides a simplified testing ground for the collective features of the corpuscolar picture. In particular, the scalings for the number of gravitons and their characteristic wavelength shall emerge by following a bottom up approach in which the starting point is the bootstrapped gravitational potential obtained by including non-linearities of Einstein-Hilbert gravity.