ICCUB Conference

Gaia-RIA workshop. Expanding the Gaia legacy: the role of Spanish ground-based facilities

Monday 17-Wednesday 19 Feb

Place: Institute of Cosmos Sciences
E-mail: secretariacientifica@icc.ub.edu
Web: http://riastronomia.es/en/expanding-the-gaia-legacy-the-role-of-spanish-ground-based-facilities/

The meeting aims to present and debate about the current and future projects that use or complement the Gaia data. The current contributions made by the Infraestructuras Científicas y Técnicas Singulares españolas and international research centres will be also analyzed. Participants will assess the involvement in data surveys, and consider new instrumentation perspectives both in a european and an international framework.

The meeting is also a tribute to the researcher Jordi Torra, whose labour in the Hipparcos mission developement in the 1980s grounded the bases for the posterior participation of Spain in the Gaia mission, leading some of the most important aspects of it. Jordi was an essential driving force of the growth of the astronomy in Spain, crucially contributing to the RIA creation.

You will find the scientific programm here