ICCUB & Physics Faculty Talk

Woman in scientific research

By Roberta Sinatra, Joaquina Álvarez & Núria Salan   

Tuesday 11 Feb , 15:00:00

Host Institution: Faculty of Physics
Place: Aula Magna

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15:00-16:00 Dra. Roberta Sinatra (Assistant professor, ITU Copenhagen)

Quantifying the biases of scientific success

Performance, also referred to as quality of fitness, represents the objective achievements of an individual, like the winning record of an athlete or the body of work of a scientist. In contrast, success, also referred to as impact, popularity, or visibility, is a collective phenomenon, indicating a community’s reaction to an individual’s performance. Why is the difference between performance and success important? Because in many areas of human activity, we often rely on success to measure performance - especially in science, where citations and visibility are constantly used to gauge quality, to assign recognition, and to allocate resources. Yet, success is strongly susceptible to effects that have NOTHING to do with performance, like gender or reputation. In this talk, we study success and impact in science, and ask: What is the role of luck in achieving high impact? What is the effect of gender and reputation on success? Can we model the different career evolution of male and female scientists? Based on the premise that success is a collective phenomenon, we use the tools of network science, data science, and computational social science to provide quantitative answers to these questions.

16:00-17:00 Debate

  • Dra. Joaquina Álvarez Marrón (CSIC-Jaume Almera)
  • Dra. Núria Salan Ballesteros (UPC)
  • Dra. Roberta Sinatra (University of Copenhagen)

17:00 Coffee

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