Conference: Solar Orbiter mission & launch

By Angels Aran, Manuel Carmona, Jose Bosch & David Roma   

Friday 14 Feb , 12:00:00

Host Institution: University of Barcelona
Place: Aula Eduard Fontseré
E-mail: divulgacio@icc.ub.edu

The Solar Orbiter mission will address big questions in Solar System science to help us understand how our star creates and controls the giant bubble of plasma that surrounds the whole Solar System and influences the planets within it. It is an ESA mission with strong NASA participation.

The conference is addressed to those grad and master students who might be interested in learning more about the science and engineering behind the mission. Four ICCUB researchers will participate. Researcher Àngels Aran, who will be in Cape Canaveral (USA) following the launch on February 7th, will talk about the different steps of the mission developement process. Researchers José Bosch (UB) Manuel Carmona (UB) and David Roma (IEEC) will explain the technical parts of the missions diferent instruments, in which they worked for several years.

The Conference will be organized in two talks. The first one, "Solar Orbiter Science" will be given by Prof. Àngels Aran. The second one, "Solar Orbiter Engineering" will be given by engineers Manuel Carmona, José Bosch & David Roma.