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Roundtable: Science and astronomy in the current social and economic situation

By Licia Verde, Miguel Mas, Rafael Bachiller, Xavier Barcons, Pilar Romás, Rafael Rodrigo   

Monday 13 Jul 2020 , 12:10:00

Host Institution: SEA
Web: https://www.sea-astronomia.es/reunion-cientifica-2020


The Spanish Astronomical Society is organizing a roundtable about science and astornomy in the current situation, for the opening session of the XIV Scientific SEA Meeting. This year's edition will be held virtually.


Rafael Rodrigo, Secretary General for Research of the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MCIN)

Pilar Román, Delegate of Spain in the ESA Scientific Program Committee (SPC), CDTI

Xavier Barcons, Director General of ESO (TBC)

Rafael Bachiller, Delegate of Spain on the ESO Board of Directors

José Miguel Mas Hesse, Scientific Researcher, CAB (CSIC-INTA)

Licia Verde, ICREA Professor, ICC (IEEC-UB)

Licia Verde and Miguel Mas, speakers at the table, will also act as moderators. They will lead the debate, and they will pass on to the representatives of the institutions the questions that the attendees ask through the platform's "chat" (most likely webinar) or before the RC.

Registrations are open. You will find more information at the SEA's website.