ICCUB Seminar

Is entanglement a probe of confinement?

By Javier Subils (ICCUB)   

Monday 23 Nov , 14:00:00

Place: Zoom seminar
E-mail: mtomasevic@icc.ub.edu, jmartinez@icc.ub.edu

I will discuss how entanglement entropy is unable to discriminate confining theories (meaning, with a linear quark antiquark potential) from non-confining ones with a mass gap. For that, I will focus on a family of three-dimensional, strongly coupled Yang-Mills-Chern-Simons field theories and study them by means of their dual supergravity descriptions. I will also consider the effect of the presence of a CFT in the vicinity of the RG flow of a theory on entanglement entropy measures.
If you are not an ICCUB member and would like to attend this activity, please send an email to Marija Tomasevic or Jairo Martínez.