ICCUB Internal Seminar

A (Super)gravitational perspective for field theory RG physics

By Christopher Rosen   

Thursday 25 Feb , 12:00:00

Place: Zoom
E-mail: secretaria@icc.ub.edu

The Renormalisation Group (RG) is a powerful framework upon which we may organise our understanding of the scale dependent properties of physical systems. The gauge/gravity correspondence is a powerful duality rooted in string theory which provides a geometric description of the scale dependent properties of certain interacting gauge theories. After sketching this connection between RG physics and gravitational theories in higher dimensions, we will appeal to this "holographic" perspective to construct new classes of field theory RG flows from high to low energy. The resulting flows offer explicit field theory examples of novel RG trajectories, such as RG "boomerang flows", whose peculiar phenomenology we also discuss.