ICCUB Seminar

The OPE Randomness Hypothesis and Euclidean Wormholes

By Alexandre Belin (CERN)   

Friday 5 Mar , 12:00:00

Place: Zoom seminar
E-mail: mtomasevic@icc.ub.edu, jmartinez@icc.ub.edu

Recent developments in holography indicate that the semi-classical Euclidean path-integral of Einstein gravity is much more powerful than previously anticipated. It is capable of reproducing a unitary Page curve for black hole evaporation, and can even capture some features of the discrete nature of black hole microstates. Wormhole geometries play a key role in this context. I will propose a mechanism to explain this in the CFT: the OPE Randomness Hypothesis. This ansatz is a generalization of the Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis which applies to chaotic CFTs, and treats OPE coefficients of heavy operators as random variables with a given probability distribution. I will present two applications of this framework: First, it resolves a factorization puzzle in AdS_3/CFT_2 due to the genus-2 wormhole, as raised by Maoz and Maldacena. Second, it provides an argument against global symmetries in quantum gravity.
If you are not an ICCUB member and would like to attend this activity, please send an email to Marija Tomasevic or Jairo Martínez.