The Axiflavon

By Robert Ziegler (Karlsruhe)   

Friday 17 Feb 2017 , 14:30:00

Host Institution: IFAE-UAB
Place: IFAE Seminar Room

I will discuss a simple QCD axion model that arises from identifying Peccei-Quinn with Froggatt-Nielsen symmetries. In this scenario the flavor problem of the Standard Model is addressed by a U(1) flavor symmetry, which naturally leads to an axion that solves the strong CP problem and constitutes a viable Dark Matter candidate. The ratio of the axion mass and its coupling to photons is related to SM fermion masses and predicted within a small range, as a direct result of the observed hierarchies in quark and charged lepton masses. The same hierarchies determine the axion couplings to fermions, making the framework very predictive and experimentally testable by future axion and precision flavor experiments.