ICCUB Course

Overview of Astrophysical Gas Dynamics and Numerical Simulations

By Nick Gnedin (University of Chicago and Fermilab)   

Monday 20-Tuesday 21 Mar 2017

Place: DAM seminar room (724), 7th floor. Physics Faculty, UB
E-mail: secretaria@icc.ub.edu

This mini-course will give a brief overview of current simulations of astrophysical gas dynamics, with the heavy focus towards galaxy and star formation. It will start with a general overview of computational gas dynamics and its basic concepts, such as characteristic, the CFL condition, and Riemann solvers. The second lecture will introduce existing numerical methods and codes used in many astrophysical applications, and will present comparisons between the methods and their respective advantages and limitations. In the final lecture several typical applications will be reviewed and some of the recent success stories highlighted.
The course will consist of three lectures of 1 hour each, with plenty of time for discussion and questions.

Lecture 1: Basic Introduction of Computational Gas Dynamics (March 20th, 10:00)
Lecture 2: Numerical Methods and Existing Codes (March 20th, 12:00)
Lecture 3: Examples of Modern Applications (March 21st, 11:00)

Link to the lectures

Funding is acknowledged from the
Red de Excelencia AYA2015-71855-REDT, titled “Red de Cosmología a Través del Fondo Cósmico de Microondas y la Estructura a Gran Escala del Universo”, of the Spanish Ministry.