Journal Clubs

Cosmology Journal Club
Date / time: Wednesday at 14:00
Host Institution: ICCUB
Place: Physics Department UB, DAM Seminar

This journal club is to discuss any papers and topics related to cosmology, both observational and theoretical. We want to have participants doing research on astrophysical, high-energy physics and relativity aspects of cosmology. We have been using the webpage , where you can see the arxiv papers in a useful format for our discussion, vote for any paper that you are interested in discussing, and see the papers that have been voted for by other ICC members. We usually have one person at each meeting discuss either one of these papers or some work of their own, and then we can discuss other papers that have been voted. Any spontaneous topic that arises at the meetings is also welcome.

If you are interested in receiving all the announcements for this meeting, please make sure to ask
Cristiano Germani to include you in the list.

Gravity and Strings Journal Club
Date / time: Thursdays 11:45am
Host Institution: ICCUB
Place: Room 3.28 (Faculty of Physics)


Milky Way Journal Club
Date / time: Tuesdays 2:00pm
Host Institution: ICCUB
Place: Room 724 (Faculty of Physics)
E-mail: Contact

The Milky Way Journal Club discusses recent papers related to Galactic Astrophysics, from simulations to observations, and from stellar to local-group scales. We usually discuss the 2 arXiv papers most voted on benty-fields by our participants. In times of physical distancing we hold the meeting via jitsi.


Particle Physics Phenomenology Journal Club
Date / time: Mondays at 14.00
Host Institution: ICCUB
Place: Aula 507 (Faculty of Physics)

In this journal club the idea is to discuss recent papers related to Particle Physics Phenomenology. Each session will be led by a volunteer, which will give an informal blackboard talk about a paper of his/her choice, with the aim to feed the discussion among the participants. Apart from this, some sessions could also consist of a summary of a relevant conference in the field that the speaker has attended.


Quantum Journal Club
Date / time: Second and Fourth Friday of each month at 9.30
Host Institution: ICCUB
Place: Peixera, 6th floor (Faculty of Physics)

During the Quantum Journal we will discuss about interesting results in the fields of quantum information/ many-body quantum physics / cold atoms and quantum computation that appear in the arXiv and that we would like to better understand. A short arXiv survey will be followed by a short talk about a topic of interest. All information about the discussion is collected in the google group.