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Sergey AfoninLow-energy holographic models for QCD
Alexander AndrianovPhenomenology of (local) parity breaking
Vladimir AndrianovLocalization of scalar fields on Branes with an Asymmetric geometries in the bulk
Irina Aref'evaSuperluminal Dark Neutrinos via Extra Dimensions
Manuel AsoreyVacuum Energy vs Dark Energy
Alexander BakulevPion-photon transition in QCD light-cone sum rules
Jose BernabeuEPR-entanglement and time-reversal symmetry
Mikhail BraunElliptic flow from colour strings
Roger Caballero-FolchMeasurement of beta delayed neutrons around the third r-process peak
Josep CampmanyCollaboration between CELLS in Barcelona and BINP in Novosibirsk in the construction of ALBA Synchrotron
Jorge CasalderreyJet Physics in a Dense QCD Medium
Leonid ChulkovThree-body correlations in fragmentation of Borromean nuclei at relativistic energies
Sergey DmitrievSynthesis and study of the properties of superheavy elements
Antonio DobadoGravity at the LHC?
Emilio ElizaldeVacuum Fluctuations, Casimir Effect, & Dark Energy
Luis Garcia-TabaresR&D Activities at CIEMAT for Future Particle Accelerators
Alexey GolovnevSome variations on inflation driven by vector fields
Mª Belén GómezBeta delayed neutron detector: design and experimental work
Joaquim GomisSchrodinger Equations for Higher Order Non-relativistic Particles and N-Conformal Galilean Symmetry
Dmitry GorbunovHiggs field as the main character in the early Universe
Konstantin GridnevNew neutron rich sector of the nuclear chart
Mikhail IoffeSolvability in 2-dim Quantum Mechanics: SUSY-separation of variables
Laszlo JenkovszkyElastic and inelastic pp scattering in the light of the recent LHC measurements by TOTEM
Alexander KamenshchikGeneral solutions for the scalar field cosmological models with exponential potentials
Anatoly KotikovParton densities at low x
Youri KoubychineConstruction of a compact 12 MeV Race-track Microtron at the UPC
Dmitry LevkovConstraint on holographic technicolor
Maxim LibanovFlavour puzzle or Why neutrinos are different?
Lev LipatovIntegrability of scattering amplitudes in N=4 SUSY
Sergey LukyanovFusion reaction induced by a 6He ions beam
Tere M-SearaStability of the phase motion in race-track microtons
Volodymyr MagasDirected Flow at ALICE@LHC
Eduard Marin LacomaChallenges of the Beam Delivery System for the Future Linear Colliders.
Ismael MartelInvestigations of reaction dynamics and structure of exotic nuclei: fusion, haloes and exotic decays
Juan Luis MuñozESS-Bilbao project status
Sergey OdintsovCovariant gravity with Lagrange multiplier constraint
Carlos PajaresString percolation and the first LHC data
Yury Pis’makSelf-Organized Criticality in Models of Complex System Dynamics
Ekaterina PozdeevaCharged wall-wall collision in AdS_5
Igor PshenichnovHeavy-ion physics applied to cancer therapy: between basic science and medicine
Daniel PuigdomènechSpontaneous generation of geometry in 4D.
Oriol PujolasNon-Relativistic Quantum Gravity
Juan Pablo RiglaDesign of tunable magnets for the 12 MeV race-track microtron
Valery RubakovConformal mechanisms for generation of density perturbations in the Universe
Grigory RubtsovLorentz-invariance violation and the highest energy cosmic rays
Agustin Sabio VeraHigh energy scattering in multi-Regge kinematics and beyond: phenomenology and formal aspects
Joaquin Sanchez-GuillenSkyrme Models BPS and/or Supersymmetric, at last
Vasily ShvedunovLow energy electron accelerators application
Sergey SibiryakovEmergent Lorentz invariance in theories with dynamical preferred frame
Andrey SlavnovEquivalence theorems and nonherturbative quantization of nonabelian gauge theories
Alexei StarobinskyCosmological models in f(R) gravity
Alexander StudenikinElectromagnetic properties of neutrinos
Dmitry TestovEffect of shell closure N=50,82 on the structure of very neutron-rich nuclei. Measurement of neutron emission probabilities and half lives of nuclei of astrophysical r-process interest.
Victor TselyaevProblem of nuclear incompressibility in the models for ground and excited states of atomic nuclei
Vicente VentoHeavy meson interquark potential
Sergey VernovStability of de Sitter Solutions in Nonlocal Cosmological Models