The workshop on Variable Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources follows one organized about two years ago in Heidelberg. Two years of observational and theoretical work deserve a new edition.

The main purpose of the workshop will be to gather people interested in the field, and discuss the old, present, and foreseeable challenges that data and modelling are posing. This time, the workshop will take place in Barcelona during the third week of April, 2013, the days 16, 17 and 18. The format will be: modest size, quite informal, very much discussion oriented. The price of the fee will be 100 euros.

Topics to be discussed at the workshop:

Phenomenology of Gamma-Ray Binaries

Formation of Gamma-Ray radiation in Binary Systems and other variable galactic gamma-ray sources

Radio and X-ray emission associated with variable Gamma-Ray emission

Hydrodynamical modeling of compact Galactic sources

Institut de Cičncies del Cosmos Universitat de Barcelona