Proceedings of the HEPROIII will be published in International Journal of Modern Physics Conference Series.

All papers will be subject to review by SOC members and also by external reviewers.

The editors will be J.M. Paredes, M. Ribó, F.A. Aharonian and G.E. Romero.

The deadline for subimission of proceedings contributions is September 10, 2011.

Invited Talk: 12 pages
Contributed talk: 6 pages
Poster: 4 pages

Manuscripts must be sent to as a single PDF file. Once the paper is accepted, authors will be requested to submit the LaTeX source file and the figures in EPS format to . The following filename convention must be used: Einstein_1.tex / Einstein_1.pdf must be, respectively, the LaTeX source and compiled PDF of the first paper of author Albert Einstein. Figures of this paper must be named as Einstein_1_f1.eps, Einstein_1_f2.eps, etc. Of course, only papers presented in the conference can be submited.


World Scientific has produced a style/template document in LaTeX2e format for authors contributing to International Journal of Modern Physics: Conference Series (IJMPCS). Please use these templates to write your papers.

ws-ijmpcs.cls    :    LaTeX2e class file
ws-ijmpcs.tex    :    Sample LaTeX coded file for typesetting manuscripts
ws-ijmpcs.pdf    :    Sample typeset pages
ijmpcsf1.eps    :    Figure/image file



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