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Invited talks

Maxim BarkovClose binary progenitors of gamma-ray bursts and hypernovae
Włodek BednarekExpected TeV emission in relativistic outflows from X-ray binaries
Valenti Bosch-RamonNon-thermal emission in galactic jets
Niccolò BucciantiniThe relativistic wind in PWNe
Frédéric DaigneHigh-energy emission from gamma-ray bursts
Evgeny DerishevAcceleration and radiation mechanisms in extragalactic gamma ray sources
Guillaume DubusGamma-ray binaries
Elena GalloJets from microquasars
Gabriele GhiselliniJetted Active Galactic Nuclei
Berrie GiebelsHE and VHE extragalactic highlights
Sebastian HeinzRunning on fumes: Traces of jet feedback and what we can learn from them
Daniel HomanPhysical properties of jets in AGN
Serguei KomissarovJet formation, acceleration and structure
Luis LehnerDual jets from binary black holes
Richard LovelaceOn the Magnetic Origin of Jets from Accretion Disks
Yuri LyubarskyPhysics of pulsar winds
Julien MalzacOn the nature of the X-ray corona of black hole binaries
Alan MarscherStructure and emission of compact blazar jets
Manel PeruchoJet dynamics, stability and energy transport
Marc RibóHE and VHE Galactic highlights
Gustavo E. RomeroRadiative processes in jets at all scales
Anatoly SpitkovskyParticle acceleration in relativistic sources
Alexander TchekhovskoyMagnetized Relativistic Jets: Formation, Power, and Acceleration

Oral talks

Iván AgudoLocation of the gamma-ray flaring emission in the jet of OJ287 >14pc from the SMBH
Ioanna ArkaSuperluminal waves in pulsar winds
Ulisses Barres de AlmeidaResults from the Observation of Extragalactic Relativistic Sources with the MAGIC Telescopes
Gennady Bisnovatyi-KoganThermal balance of the jet in the microquasar SS433
Markus BoettcherVHE Gamma-Ray Induced Pair Cascades in Blazars and Radio Galaxies
Pol BordasLarge-scale emission in FRI jets
Maria ChernyakovaMulti-wavelength observations of PSR B1259-63 during its 2010 periastron passage.
Ioannis ContopoulosFormation and destruction of jets in X-ray binaries
Peter CurranObservations of particle acceleration in the blast waves of Gamma-ray Bursts
Luigi FoschiniPowerful relativistic jets in spiral galaxies
Markos GeorganopoulosHow far from the black hole is the GeV emission of blazars produced? A diagnostic tool to measure it.
Dimitrios GianniosRadio transients from stellar tidal disruption by supermassive black holes
José L. GómezHelical magnetic fields in relativistic jets through Faraday rotation and jet stratification studies
Paola GrandiGamma-rays from Radio Galaxies: Fermi-LAT observations
Daniela HadaschExpected and unexpected results from 2 years Fermi LAT monitoring of the two gamma ray binaries LS I +61º 303 and LS 5039
Dmitry KhangulyanA possible scenario of formation of gamma-ray emitting blobs in AGN
Shiho KobayashiPolarization in Very Early GRB Afterglow
Eva LefaFormation of hard TeV spectra of Blazars in leptonic models
Jirong MaoGRB Prompt Emission: Turbulence, Magnetic Field and Jitter Radiation
Herman MarshallChandra Observations of Quasar Jets
Francesco MassaroGamma Ray Bursts prompt emission: spectral energy distribution and light curve profile
Apostolos MastichiadisThe one-zone time-dependent hadronic model: First results
Simone MigliariConstraining jet models for neutron star X-ray binaries
Giulia MiglioriProbing the velocity structure of relativistic jets
Akira MizutaPhotospheric thermal radiation from GRB collapsar jets
Javier MoldónVLBI structure of PSR B1259-63/LS2883 during the 2007 and 2010 periastron passages
Reshmi MukherjeeVERITAS Observations of Relativistic Jets
David NeilsenThe Signature of Black Hole-Neutron Star Binaries
Ken-Ichi NishikawaSimulation of Relativistic Jets and Associated Self-consistent Radiation
Manfred PakullJet-inflated bubbles: facts and fiction
Martin RaueThe 2010 M 87 VHE flare and its origin: the MWL picture
David RussellConstraints on X-ray polarization of synchrotron jets from stellar-mass BHs
Aneta SiemiginowskaImpact of a relativistic jet on the host galaxy environment.
Lorenzo SironiAcceleration of Particles at the Termination Shock of Relativistic Pulsar Winds
Felix SpanierHadronic modeling of AGN variability: Recent Progress
Diego TorresThe X-ray emission of gamma-ray binaries as a probe of their nature
Florencia VieyroParticle transport in magnetized media around black holes
Víctor ZabalzaConstraining the pulsar power in gamma-ray binaries through thermal X-ray emission
Roberta ZaninMAGIC results on X-ray binary systems


Zulema AbrahamThe 2009 exceptional gamma-ray flare in 3C273: increase in boosting due to precession
Juan Carlos Algaba MarcosProbing Helical Magnetic Fields in AGN by Rotation Measure Gradients Studies
Pedro Paulo BeakliniDetection of the mm counterpart of the strong gamma-ray flare in 3C273
Ciro BigongiariSearch for neutrino emission of extragalactic jets with the ANTARES telescope
Markus BoettcherMultiwavelength Observations of PKS 0528+134 in Quiescence
Fiamma Capitanio2011 outburst of IGR J17091-3624 as seen by INTEGRAL and Swift
Carolina Casadio
et al
A strong recollimation shock at 80 mas from the core in 3C120
Xuhui ChenModeling the Multiwavelength Correlation of Blazar Emission: X-ray hard-lags and X-ray/gamma-ray correlation.
Yaxk'in Ú kan CoronadoUnderstanding the light curves of the HST-1 knot in M87
David CsehBubble Nebulae Around Ultra-luminous X-ray Sources and the case study of IC 342 X-1
Camilo Delgado-CorrealTheoretical analysis of the XRT light curve of GRB 050525A
Lisa FallonSearching for extended Pair Halo emission with H.E.S.S.
Christian Michael FrommSynchrotron emission from simulated shock-shock interactions
Federico GarcíaJet formation in young accreting neutron stars
Lucie GérardBL Lac population study using Fermi's 11 months catalogue
Dimitrios GianniosAcceleration and composition of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
Nectaria GizaniImplications of the directional asymmetry between small and large-scale jets to the UHE cosmic ray acceleration
Nectaria GizaniExtended regions of radio emission not associated with the AGN phenomenon as sources of acceleration of cosmic rays
Leith GodfreyA multi-wavelength study of the kpc-scale X-ray jet in the quasar PKS 2101-490
Romero Gustavo
Anabella Raudo
High-energy emission from massive stars interacting with the jets of AGNs
Philip HardeeUsing Twisted Filaments to Model the M87 Jet
Philip Hardee3D Current-Driven Instability of a Sub-Alfvenic Relativistic Jet
D. E. HarrisAn Experiment to Locate the Site of TeV Flaring in M87
Chris HudsonConstructing Consistent Leptonic Acceleration and Emission Models for Blazars
Agnieszka JaniukAccretion and outflow from a magnetized torus in the gamma ray burst central engine
Svetlana JorstadParsec-Scale Jet Behavior of the Quasar 3C273 during the High Gamma-Ray State in 2009-2010
Maria KapalaTwo-Component Model of the HE Radiation from LS 5039 as observed by Fermi/LAT
Dmitry Khangulyan
Felix Aharonian, Bogovalov, Marc Ribó
Gamma Ray Signal from the Pulsar Wind in the Binary Pulsar system PSR~B1259-63/LS2883
Denys MalyshevSystematic study of the variable sources near the Galactic Plane.
Zhaklin MartirosyanObjects from the catalog of Kazarian galaxies as potential gamma-ray sources.
Francesco MassaroLarge scale Extragalactic Jets In The Chandra Era
Francesco MassaroX-ray spectral curvature of High Frequency Peaked BL Lacs
Walter Max-MoerbeckThe relationship between 15 GHz radio variability properties and gamma-ray activity in blazars
Jonathan McKinneyMagnetically dominated jets in GRBs
Maria Clementina MedinaLepto-hadronic model for the multi wavelength emission from blazars
Petar MimicaEfficiency of internal shocks in magnetized relativistic jets
Yosuke Mizuno Magnetic Field Amplification by Relativistic Shocks in an Inhomogeneous Medium
Yosuke MizunoRelaxation of Pulsar Wind Nebula via Current-Driven Instability
Javier MoldónWho is coming from SNR G016.8-01.1? VLBA observations of LS 5029 and PSR J1825-1446
Sol N. Molina
et al
MAPCAT: “Monitoring of AGN with Polarimetry at the Calar Alto Telescopes”
Gareth MurphyField amplification and electron acceleration in a plasma shock
Oscar Oscar Blanch BigasThe CTA Observatory
David PanequeExtensive Multifrequency Campaigns on the Classical TeV Blazars Mrk421 and Mrk501 in the Fermi Era
Zsolt ParagiVLBI observations of the shortest orbital period black hole binary
Ana Virginia Penacchioni
A double component in the prompt emission of GRB 090618
Ana Virginia Penacchioni
Evidences for a double component in GRB 101023
Eric PerlmanOptical Polarization and Spectral Variability in the M87 Jet
Maria PetropoulouAutomatic quenching of γ-ray emission in compact astrophysical sources
Richard PlotkinExpanding the Efficacy of the Fundamental Plane: a Tool to Diagnose Radiative Processes in Accreting Black Holes
Farid RahouiNew optical and infrared spectroscopic constraints on the compact jets of Cygnus X-1 and GX 339-4
Stephan RichterA spatially resolved SSC shock-in-jet model
Patrizia RomanoThe enigma of Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients: Swift results
Marina RomanovaLaunching and Collimation of Astrophysical Jets from the Disk-Magnetosphere Boundary
Malgosia SobolewskaEvidence for a change in the X-ray radiation mechanism in the hard state of Galactic black holes
Eleonora TorresiJets and outflows in Radio Galaxies: implications for the AGN feedback
Brian van SoelenAnisotropic scattering from the circumstellar disc in PSR B1259-63
Stefano VercelloneThe high-energy properties of 3C 454.3: four years of data
Matthias WeidingerOutbursts of blazars - Different types along the blazar-sequence?
Roberta ZaninMAGIC measurement of the Crab Nebula spectrum over three decades in energy
Seiji ZenitaniFluid and Magnetofluid Modeling of Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection
Shuang-Nan ZhangLarge-scale Cavities Surrounding Microquasars Inferred from Evolution of Their Relativistic Jets


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