Second Gaia Data Release will be on 25th April

Source: ESA
Published on 25.01.2018

The European Space Agency has just announced that the date of the publication of the Second Gaia Data Release (DR2) is scheduled for April 25th 2018

Gaia-DR2 will include:

  • Complete Astrometry (positions, proper motions and parallax angles) for 1,300 million stars (up to a magnitude of G= 21).
  • Radial velocity for more than 5 million stars (G betwen 3 and 12).
  • Magnitude G for 1,500 million stars.
  • Magnitude G_BP & G_Rp for 1,100 million stars.
  • Astrometric Data of 1,300 already-known asteroids.
  • Effective temperatures for 150 million stars (G<17).
  • More than 500,000 light curves of variable stars.

Gaia - DR2 is based on the observations made during 22 months (558 days), while for comparison, Gaia-DR1 compiled data of 14 months of observations.