SOMMa proposes to promote excellent science in Spain and safeguard its competitiveness

Source: Press release by CRG, in representation of SOMMa
Published on 13.03.2018
Documents: 180312_NP_SOMMa_ESP_3961.pdf

Press release: Spanish Version English Version
  • The creation of SOMMa will allow centers and units to increase their impact, promote collaboration and enrich the whole Spanish I+-D system.
  • SOMMa has presented the document “Informe SOMMa: Acciones necesarias para salvaguardar la competitividad de la ciencia” to ask the Spanish political class to find lasting solutions to several administrative problems.
Representatives of the Alliance of Severo Ochoa centers and María de Maeztu units (SOMMa), together with the Secretary of State for R&D+i, Carmen Vela, presented the Alliance to the press in a ceremony held in Madrid on Monday 12 March. SOMMa, which gathers all the centers and units accredited with the “Severo Ochoa” and “María de Maeztu” excellence award, including the ICCUB, has been created to promote, reinforce and maximize the value of excellent science carried out in these centers and units, as well as its economic and social impact.

Apart from asking for a firm commitment concerning funding in science, SOMMa showed the existence of several administrative issues that jeopardize the I+D system and require political solutions. During the event, the report “Informe SOMMa: Acciones necesarias para salvaguardar la competitividad de la ciencia” (“SOMMa Report: Necessary actions to safeguard competiveness in science”) was presented. This document seeks to draw politicians’ attention to these issues and urges them to find lasting solutions.