Press Release

Support of the industry towards SOMMa

Published on 07.05.2018
Documents: 180507_NdP_SOMMa_e_industria_FINAL_4091.pdf

A press release regarding the support of the industry associations closest to R+D+I, towards the SOMMa initiative has been published.

The Spanish “Severo Ochoa Centres” and “María de Maeztu Units” Excellence Program promotes excellence in scientific research. Their goal is to promote Spanish science through the recognition of research efforts at the forefront of their fields, help them increase their impact, and international scientific leadership and competitiveness.

This press release focuses on the support to investigate from the Companies and managements related to the I+D+i and join the request of the Severo Ochoa centers and María de Maeztu units so the politicians find a solution to the administrative issues that the science is dealing with these days as soon as possible.

SOMMa and the organizations that support this initiative stand for near 6.800 companies, centers and units of investigation, which hire more than 500.000 people in Spain and their economic activity equals the 10,53% of the PIB.