Picture: NASA illustration depicts asteroid 2012 DA14 during an approach in 2013.

Carme Jordi talks about asteroids that passed next to the Earth at Catalunya Radio

Source: http://www.ccma.cat/catradio/alacarta/catalunya-migdia/dos-asteroides-de-grans-dimensions-creuran-dimecres-lorbita-de-la-terra/audio/1011981/
Published on 28.08.2018

ICCUB Galaxy Structure researcher, Carme Jordi, explains the expected trajectory and dangerous potential of two asteroids that passed on 28th August night next to the Earth. You can hear the full explanation at Catalunya migdia, Catalunya Radio.

The asteroids are 2016NF23, that is considered potentially dangerous due to its big size, and Neo1998SD9 that is smaller but passed closer to our planet, both passed on 28th August night. Even though the first one was big enough to produce serious damages to our planet, "they are not considered dangerous due to its trajectory, that has been precisely calculated and turned out to be too far to be harmful to the Earth" said Carme Jordi at Catalunya Migdia radio program. But added that “They need to be closely observed because there are always perturbations in their path and the trajectory calculation must be corrected.”

Luckily, the passing of these asteroids is not dangerous for us and in addition it becomes a scientific chance to study the most ancient objects of the Solar System.