Comprehensive Hertzprung-Russell diagram including 1867 clusters, colour-coded by cluster age. (Cantat-Gaudin, T., et al., 640, A1)

Composite HR diagram with 1867 open clusters chosen for the A&A August cover

Source: Astronomy & Astrophysics Volume 640 - August 2020
Published on 07.09.2020

The Astronomy & Astrophysics journal chose for its cover of August the high-resolution composite diagram of 1867 open clusters made by ICCUB researcher Tristan Cantat-Gaudin and colleagues. The team used the Gaia DR2 data to estimate the distance, age, and interstellar reddening for about 2000 stellar clusters, obtaining reliable parameters for 1867 of them. The resulting work is a large and homogeneous cluster catalogue, which allows to trace the structure of the galactic disc out to distances of ãbout 4 kpcs.

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