Mor Crespo Roger

Position: Postdoc
Field of research:
Phone: 934039232  
Office: V752 - Get there (PHYS1)  
Roger Mor is a PhD student at University of Barcelona under the supervision of Francesca Figueras and Annie Robin (Besançon’s Observatory). He was accepted at the ESAC trainee project in the 2010 call, where he was working at European Space Astronomy Centre, with the XMM-Newton team, under the supervision of Norbert Schartel. He also gets the grant from the Summer Undergraduate Research Program of the University of Leicester in 2009, where he was working in the X-ray astronomy field, under the supervision of Sean Farrell. Nowadays he is a member of the Gaia Data and Analysis Consortium (DPAC), working on Gaia data validation tasks, where he made a relevant contribution to the team that has build the New Hess Diagram for the Gaia Object Generator (GOG).

His PhD thesis aims to study the structure and evolution of the Milky Way, focussed in the derivation of the Star Formation History and Initial Mass Function of our Galaxy using Bayesian Statistic, Monte Carlo techniques, the Besançon Galaxy Model and the most modern and complete full sky observations (i.e. coming Gaia data).

Moreover he is teaching Maths, Python and Astronomy in the Physics Degree of the University of Barcelona.