Kalus Benedict

Position: Postdoc
Field of research: Observational Cosmology
Email: benedict.kalusicc.ub.edu
Phone: 934031320  
Office: V703I - Get there (PHYS2)  
I obtained a Master of Science degree in Physics from Bielefeld University in 2013, and did my PhD at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth, supervised by Will Percival, Lado Samushia and David Bacon. The title of my thesis is "The Distribution of Galaxies as a Test of Primordial Non-Gaussianity". I joined the group of Licia Verde in 2017 for my first postdoc.
I am fascinated by Cosmology because it connects all of our knowledge about Physics to understand the Universe. In the coming years, cosmological redshift surveys will probe larger and larger volumes, allowing us to analyse the Ultra Large-Scale Structure to probe e.g. early Universe physics or large scale effects of General Relativity. However, we are facing unprecedented challenges such as low number statistics due to the limited number of ultra-long modes, new systematics and the inclusion of the effects we want to probe into the analysis pipeline. My research interests lie in facing these challenges.