High Energy Astrophysics

High energy astrophysicists are concerned with the study of the highly energetic outputs of astrophysical objects, so that by studying their radiation signatures, insight is gained into the processes going on inside them. The very-high-energy (VHE) gamma-ray domain is the latest spectral window opened up for study. Some of the most energetic events and processes in the universe, with energies very often outside the range of accelerators on Earth, are being sampled thanks to new complex and sophisticated detection technologies, data processing algorithms and theoretical models. The situation for high-energy (HE) gamma-rays is similar, and the amount of unidentified sources represents a significant fraction of the total population. [+]

ICCUB Contribution

A general aim of the ICCUB team working on this field is to achieve a better understanding of the high-energy galactic sources, gathering data over a large wavelength range (from radio to TeV energies) as well as modeling emission processes in different scenarios (jets, shocks, interaction with the interstellar medium, etc.). [+]

Lines of Research