Microgravity and biphasic fluxes

Specialists speak of “microgravity” when they refer to environments that are affected only by a very small gravity force that can not be compensated with the help of an appropriate opposite acceleration force.
Under microgravity conditions, various fundamental physical phenomena are significantly altered or even fully removed, in particular convection, buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure or sedimentation. [+]

ICCUB Contribution

The ICCUB’s collaborators have focused on the formation and management of small bubbles under microgravity conditions, an area of fundamental interest in two phase-flows, with important applications in space technology, from life support systems to thermal control of satellites. Experiments are conducted in the ESA Drop Tower facility at ZARM (Bremen) and include the study of the interaction of bubbles and turbulence, and the formation of vapor bubbles by nucleate boiling. Researchers have obtained for the first time turbulent monodisperse bubble suspensions, and also for the first time, bubbles of controlled size by nucleate boiling.

Lines of research