Hadronic, nuclear and atomic physics

Nuclear physics is concerned with the discovery and understanding of the fundamental characteristics of atomic nuclei such as their masses and sizes. In spite of many years of research, a precise understanding of the neutron distribution in nuclei is still lacking. This is a problem with far-reaching implications, since nuclear physics plays an important role in the study of heavy ion collisions and in the equation of state of neutron-rich matter, therefore influencing different aspects of stellar nucleosynthesis, supernovae explosions and the structure and dynamics of neutron stars. [+]

ICCUB Contribution

Nuclear physicists at ICCUB are actively participating in studies of neutron-rich nuclei, a research which is closely related to that conducted on the topics of nuclear equation of state and its astrophysical applications. They have also benefited from the computational power offered by the most modern supercomputers (Tungsten, Hopper, Curie, Mare Nostrum, etc.). This has allowed them to perform large dynamical simulations of light nuclei and hypernuclei.

Lines of Research