Chirality and prebiotic chemistry

Chirality is a notion which deals with the idea of "handedness": a chiral molecule is such that it is not superimposable to its mirror image. Though technically a branch of chemistry, the study of the emergence of chirality is of crucial importance towards a better understanding of the chemical evolution of astrophysical objects, such as galaxies or planets.

ICCUB Contribution

ICCUB researchers have focused on the implementation of Mueller matrix methods in order to study the emergence of chirality by the application of a gradient of shear rates by flows in different chemical systems. Theoretical and experimental methods are studied in the deracemization and spontaneous emergence of chirality in crystallizations. Moreover, ICCUB researchers have proved mechanical chiral fields should be included among the few physical chiral forces that can induce chirality at the primordial scenarios (astrophysical or planetary) of the chemical evolution.

Lines of Research