Hypernuclear decay of strangeness -2 hypernuclei

Author: Jordi Maneu


Abstract: Since the discovery in 1952 of the first nuclear fragment containing strange quarks, many efforts have been put in extending our knowledge of the nuclear chart to include strange particles. Worldwide, the study of the interactions among nucleons and hyperons (three quarks bound states containing strangeness) has been a priority in the research plan of many experimental facilities. After more than sixty years of studies of the production and weak decay of bound nuclear states containing conventional nucleons and the lightest hyperon possible, the so-called Λ-hypernuclei, some attention has moved to more strange systems, as  ΛΛ-hypernuclei and more recently, with proposals to study Ξ-hypernuclear spectroscopy.

In this talk I will present the formalism which allows us to calculate the experimental observables for the decay of such doubly-strange systems. I will also give an estimation of the decay rate experimentalist should expect to each possible final state.