Technology in the ICCUB: present and future

Author: David Gascón/Jordi Portell


Abstract: Many groups in the ICCUB are carrying research where technology is a key element, either as a tool to develop new instruments for fundamental science or even as product that can be transferred to the scientific community or to the industry. We will present a quick overview of the main current activities in instrumentation, electronics and very large data processing for space missions, particle physics experiments and other fields.

Although successful, these activities are carried out by independent groups as ICCUB lacks from a central engineering service and structure. Following the recommendation of the International Advisory Committee, this is changing rapidly.

In the first place, a technical coordination has been created very recently and has decided to focus in three main goals:

  1. Enhance the information flow and the collaboration between groups within ICCUB.
  2. Define the tasks  of a core transversal engineering unit.
  3. Help the ICCUB scientists to explore new opportunities where the ICCUB potential in technology can be exploited.

Secondly, the UB has granted a large area in PCB towers to reorganize and centralize most of the ICCUB laboratories and technology personnel.

Both actions should provide a boost to the collaboration between groups already active in technology but, even more important, should open the possibility to create a true technological unit that could help any ICCUB scientist to participate in proposals involving technology, which is often a key to open a privileged access to many space missions and experiments.