Fields and Subjects


1. Cosmology Compulsory (6 ECTS)
Advanced Cosmology 6 ECTS
2. Mathematical and Statistical Techniques Compulsory(6 ECTS)
Mathematical and Statistical Techniques 6 ECTS
3. Stellar and Galactic Astrophysics Optional(12 ECTS)
Compulsory for the Astrophysics and Space Science specialty
Stellar Structure and Formation 6 ECTS
Galactic Astronomy 6 ECTS
4. High Energy Physics Optional (12 ECTS)
Compulsory for the Particle Physics and Gravitation specialty
Quantum Field Theory 6 ECTS
Elementary Particles 6 ECTS
5. Observational and Experimental Techniques Optional (12 ECTS)
Experimental Techniques in Particle Physics and Astrophysics 6 ECTS
Tutorial I 3 ECTS
Tutorial II 3 ECTS
6. Advanced Astrophysics Optional (12 ECTS)
Extragalactic Astrophysics and Galaxy Formation 6 ECTS
High Energy Astrophysics 3 ECTS
Space-based Astronomy 3 ECTS
7. Advanced Particle Physics and Gravitation Optional (18 ECTS)
Advanced General Relativity 6 ECTS
Gauge Theories of the Standard Model 6 ECTS
Frontiers of Theoretical Physics 6 ECTS
8. Master Thesis Compulsory (24 ECTS)
Master Thesis (campus) 24 ECTS

Formative Complements

The formative complements correspond to the following subjects from the Physics degree :