Fall 2017

(from September 26th, to December 20th. )

Room V12M Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
10:20-11:40 Quantum Field Theory (B. Fiol,  J. Guasch)
11:50-13:10 Advanced Cosmology (E. VerdaguerA. Notari , J. Miralda)
14:40-16:00 Mathematical and Statistical Techniques (X. Luri, R. Graciani, E. Graugés)
16:10-17:30 Elementary Particles (M.C. González, Ll. Garrido)
17:40-19:00 Galactic Astronomy (F. Figueras, C. Jordi, M. Romero)
Room A33M Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
16:10-17:30 Stellar Structure and Formation (R. Estalella, R. López)


Spring 2018

(From February 12th to May 16th; holidays: from March 26th to April 2nd )