Tutoring and resources

Every master's student has a personal tutor assigned. Tutors are responsible for guiding the learning process and the attainment of the educational objectives. The tutoring will be exerted by the supervisor of his/her Final Master Thesis. However, in the first few months in which the student has not yet been assigned a Master Thesis, that responsibility will correspond to the Master's Coordinator. The role of tutor can only be exercised by permanent scientific staff of the ICCUB. However, it is possible for tutors to leave the scientific supervision of their students in the hands ofexperts from other research institutions or universities.

On weekdays, master's students can access a computer room in the Physics building (V14E), which is exclussively dedicated to them.

Master's students will also enjoy a one-day visit to the Astronomical Observatory of Montsec, as part of their training in Astrophysics.