The enrolment fees are those established by the Generalitat de Catalunya for official Masters degrees. In recent years, the fees per ECTS are 46.50 Eur for national students from EU member states, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, Andorra and China, as well as for students holding residence permits in Spain lasting not less than one year. For all other students the fees per ECTS are 82 Eur.

There is also a pre-enrolment fee of 30.21 Eur.

Other fees

Management of the academic record:

Semester registration: 54.54Eur per semestre

Specific services and support for learning: 70Eur

Compulsory school insurance (only for people under 28 years old): 1.12Eur


Other academic services:

Study of the equivalence of the degree of foreign studies for the access to the master's degree: 218.15Eur

Official title: 218.15Eur

Issue of certifications: 27.27Eur each

More information on academic fees can be found in  http://www.ub.edu/acad/matricula/preus.html (in Catalan/Spanish).