Coordinating committee

The Coordinator responsible for the Màster is Dr. Joe Maria Solanes, Quantum Physics and Astrophysics Department.  

The Coordinating Committee comprises, apart from Dr. Solanes, Drs. Marc Ribó, Tomeu Fiol and Joan Soto and Ms. Núria Massons (head of the secretariat) and a students' representative.


All the subjects are taught by doctoral-level researchers with extensive teaching and research experience. Our teaching body is made up of full and ordinary university professors from the departments of Quantum Physics and Astrophysics at the University of Barcelona, and of ICREA and Ramon and Cajal researchers. All our faculty members belong to Institute of Cosmic Science (ICCUB), María de Maeztu Excellence Unit of the University of Barcelona, while some of them are also linked to the Catalan Institute for Space Studies (IEEC). 

The professors who teach the various subjects are specified in Schedule (a particular subject's coordinator's name appears the first). Their contact details (phone number and e-mail) can be found at the ICC website.