Specialized training

To provide students with advanced academic training within the fields of astrophysics, space sciences, atomic, nuclear and particle physics, gravitation and cosmology by

  • studying the material from the modules chosen among those on offer
  • acquiring the methodological skills required to conduct research and undertake a doctoral thesis in the abovementioned field by carrying out one or more research projects acquiring the skills needed to make scientific presentations
  • acquiring the skills and abilities needed to form part of a research group and
  • undertake doctoral studies, or to join a company whose work is related to research in the abovementioned fields

Comprehensive training

The general skills that students must acquire are


  • ability to analyse and synthesize
  • knowledge of English
  • IT knowledge
  • ability to solve problems


  • critical reasoning
  • ability to work in a team
  • creativity


  • ability to learn independently
  • ability to adapt to new situations