Joaquim Gomis
Professor of Theoretical Physics
Departament d'Estructura i Constituents de la matèria
Facultat de Física
Tel: +34 93 402 11 77
Fax: +34 93 402 11 98
Av. Diagonal 645
08028 Barcelona 

I was born in Barcelona in 1945 and I obtained a PhD in Theoretical
Physics from the University of Barcelona in 1972, my advisor was
Professor Marco Ademollo of Universita di Firenze.

I have been a Professor at the University of Barcelona since 1991. I
have also held several Visiting Professor positions at several
universities such as Universita di Firenze, Queens and City College of
University of New York, Yukawa Institute at Uji, Toho University,
University of Texas at Austin, Research Institute for Mathematical
Sciences of University of Kyoto,  Theory Group at CERN,  University of
Miami, Institute for Theoretical Physics KU Leuven,
Centro de Estudios  Cient\'{\i}ficos en Valdivia, Perimeter Institute,
Tokyo Institute of Technology,  High Energy Accelerator Research
Organization (KEK) at Tsukuba,
University of Miami,  Universidad Cat\'olica Santiago de Chile,
Australian National University at Canberra and   University of Groningen.

Research Interest

My main research interest is to understand the symmetries that describe
the physics of particles at the most fundamental level.

Our knowledge concerning the most fundamental level of the structure of matter is based on two well stablished pillars: the Standard Model of particle physics and General Relativity, the theory of gravity. It is natural to ask about a possible unification of the gravitational interactions with the other
quantum field theories. The only candidate so far is string theory. It is a theory under construction.
The holographic ideas applied to string theory  allow to connect quantum fields theories in the flat space-time  with string-gravitational interactions in the bulk.

Key words
String Theory, Branes, Quantum Field Theory,  Gauge Theories, Symmetries.

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