ICREA Professor

Institute of Cosmological  Sciences  (ICC) UB-IEEC

Facultad de Fisica

Marti’ i Franques 1

08028 Barcelona (Spain)


I am an astrophysicist with interest in cosmology. My research topics include theoretical cosmology, cosmic microwave background, large scale structure, galaxy clusters, statistical applications and data analysis.   I am interested in the study of the large-scale structure of the Universe and in the analysis of galaxy surveys.

I am involved with several projects: I am part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III,  the EUCLID science working group, the BPOL  (COrE) science working group and the  LSST large scale structure study group. Also check out my research group at ICC ICC-Phys.Cosm and the extended group cosmole.

NEWS: C. Bennett and the WMAP team (i.e. myself included) have been awarded the Gruber cosmology prize!

Licia Verde


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