ICC Physical cosmology group

The ICC  Physical Cosmology group is composed by:

Faculty: Licia Verde, Raul Jimenez

Postdocs:  Ben Kalus, Alvise Raccanelli (Marie Curie Fellow), Ricardo Ferrera, Alex Mead (Marie Curie outgoing Fellow).

Students: Jose Luis Bernal, Nicola Bellomo, David Valcin, Kathleen Short

  Cosmology has now a standard model -the so called LCDM model- which, with only a handful of parameters, can describe the evolution  Universe over the past 13.7 Gyrs.  The LCDM model has many deep connections with fundamental physics issues (particle physics, high-energy physics, gravitation etc.). While the numerical values of the model’s parameters are determined with unprecedented precision, we still have limited insights on the physical meaning of some of these parameters values.  This  model  leaves many unanswered questions  such as: what is dark energy? what is the origin of primordial perturbations?  are there indications for deviations for the model which may indicate our lack of understanding of the Universe?

  Our main research interest is making the connection between cosmological observations and the physics behind the standard cosmological model, hoping to shed some light on the “open questions” in cosmology. Our collective expertise ranges from  galaxy evolution to inflation model building.


Past students and postdocs: where did they go?

Carolyn Sealfon (-->faculty at West Chester University, PA, USA, then  at Princeton , NJ, USA)

Chris D’Andrea (at UPenn, PA, USA)

Viviana Acquaviva  (Faculty at CUNY, NY, USA)

Carlos Hernandez-Monteagudo (-->Postdoc at MPA, Germany; now Staff & Ramon Y Cajal, CEFCA)

Anastasios Avgoustidis (-->Postdoc at DAMTP, Cambridge UK;  then Marie Curie Fellow, Nottingham)

Carmelita Carbone (--> Postdoc and INAF Fellow at Milan, IT)

Beth Reid (--> Hubble Fellow, Berkeley, USA)

Anna Mangilli (-> postdoc at IAP, Paris)

Hector Gil (-> postdoc Porthsmuth, UK)

Ben Hoyle (-> postdoc at Excellence cluster, Munich DE)

Christian Wagner (-> postdoc at MPA, Munich, DE)

Roland de Putter (-> postdoc at JPL/Caltech USA)

Jorge Noreña (-> Postdoc at Geneva University, CH); Now Facult

Emilio Bellini---> Beecroft Fellow Oxford

Fergus Simpson (--> alpha-I startup)

The group is one of the nodes of the COSMOCLASSIC collaboration; the other nodes are:

London Imperial College (UK), Paris IAP (FR), Universita di Padova (IT), CERN (CH). Collaborations  with and visits to the other nodes are encouraged. We have regular collaboration meetings to foster interactions, common projects  and exchange of ideas.