ICREA Professor

Institute of Cosmological  Sciences  (ICC) UB-IEEC

Facultad de Fisica

Marti’ i Franques 1

08028 Barcelona (Spain)


I am an astrophysicist with interest in cosmology. My research topics include theoretical cosmology, cosmic microwave background, large scale structure, galaxy clusters, statistical applications and data analysis.   I am interested in the study of the large-scale structure of the Universe and in the analysis of galaxy surveys.

I am involved with several projects: I am part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III,   EUCLIDBPOL  (COrE)  and DESI. Also check out my research group at ICC ICC-Phys.Cosm and the extended group cosmoclassic.

I am editor of the  “Physics of the Dark Universe” journal.


Licia Verde