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The Virgo experiment is located in Cascina, near Pisa (Italy).

The ICCUB joins the Virgo collaboration to study gravitational waves

Source: UB news
Published on 27.08.2018

The Institute of Cosmos Sciences (ICCUB) has joined the Virgo Collaboration; one of the most important experiments in the field of gravitational waves, which counts on the participation of centers from France, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland and Spain.

The agreement with Virgo Collaboration involves four ICCUB researchers in the international project. During the first year, the experts from the UB center will support software development and optimization, massive data processing tools, data transfer and archival strategies, fields in which ICCUB has a great knowledge and experience thanks to its participation in projects such as the Gaia Mission or the the Large Hadron Collider LHCb experiment. This agreement aims to provide with prompt and reliable alerts on gravitational wave events and to improve the usage of the computational resources of the project.