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"Cosmos. Una inmersión rápida" , a dissemination book by José Manuel Carrasco

Published on 28.01.2019

"Cosmos. Una inmersión rápida" is a dissemination book by Josep Manel Carrasco, researcher of the Gaia space mission at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona who has a long experience in the dissemination of astronomy. The book has been published by Tibidabo Ediciones.

"Cosmos. Una inmersión rápida" is a review on what we know of astronomy and the Universe in order to catch up without previous knowledge. The book is part of the collection "Una inmersión rápida", which combining rigour and dissemination,introduces and looks into current issues.

Can you imagine being able to immerse yourself in the immensity of the Cosmos and understand how planets, stars and galaxies are?

The Cosmos has been there much longer than any being that has ever lived on our little planet. Despite this, humans have managed to do something unprecedented: to know our place in it, discover aspects about its origin and revealing the farthest places in the Universe without having travelled there.

However, we live in an era in which all this knowledge advances by leaps and bounds with each new space mission and with each telescope that we inaugurate, being difficult to be up to date without a minimum knowledge base. From the comets to black holes, through planets orbiting other suns, the journey you are about to start summarise what we currently know about the Universe and it will leave you wanting to know more.

José Manuel Carrasco

José Manuel Carrasco is a Physics doctor of the University of Barcelona. He works in the development of the Gaia Mission. Gaia is an ambitious mission which aims to chart a three-dimensional map of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. In the process, it will reveal the composition, formation and evolution of the Galaxy. Gaia will provide unprecedented positional and radial velocity measurements with the accuracies needed to produce a stereoscopic and kinematic census of about one billion stars in our Galaxy and throughout the Local Group. This amounts to about 1 per cent of the Galactic stellar population.

He simultaneously carry on his research, teaching at the University of Barcelona and a lot of activities of science dissemination. He also has the astronomical popularisation project 'Miralcel'.